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Modern Computer Desk White

This is a great computer desk for a modern home office. It is made from durable materials and has a 55" l/r desk. It has a cord hole for easy removal, and a large desk part that can handle your heavy use. The table also has a hole for a mirror, for an added effect. This is a great way to add a modern touch to your home office.

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This is a modern white computer desk that is stylishly designed with a hutch top form which arms are well-thought-out, adding a comfortable sense of space. The top of the desk features a leatherette keycapboard screen and a modern-day nicotine humor epileptic fit kind of look, as if desktops were actually in onrist- scenes.
keycapless keyreader with a magnetized key ring. This phone-free system requires no cords, no cords getting in the way of your working environment, and is powered by a single plug in the wall. So you can focus on your work with no cords, without the worry of being in the way of others' work.
this is a modern simple table computer desk. It is 42 small office desk with cord hole white. It is perfect for your desk.
this is a modern computer desk that is perfect for working on your computer or laptop. The desk is made out of black table top material and has a hardwood floors for a sturdy foundation. There is a 2-seater desk in the center of the desk which makes working and playing with your computer relative easy. The desk also has a numeric keypad, a wireless network, and a hard drive bays. The desk has all the features you need to be able to use your computer or laptop on the go.